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Need help with your bookkeeping to ensure all of your new lingerie is deducted? Consider it done.

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Protect your personal assets and save on taxes by strategically structuring your business.

My Story

I'm Katherine, a tax accountant and a creative. Originally from Buffalo, NY I graduated Niagara University with a Bachelor's in accounting. After working in CPA firms right after college I decided to hit the reset button on my life and moved to DC to work as a business manager at a government contracting firm. When the pandemic hit I understood new business opportunities were emerging so I started social media marketing for local businesses. It was then in Fall of 2020 that I came across OnlyFans. From my tax experience I knew creators would be earning money as independent contractors instead of W-2 employees and may not want to seek help in a traditional CPA firm. I quit my full time job on the spot to pursue The Only Consultant.

Over the last two years I've helped hundreds of clients navigate the tax process as new entrepreneurs. I've partnered with my former CPA firm to offer tax preparation, bookkeeping, business formation and all things small business support.

OnlyFans Income & Expense Spreadsheet 2022
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Easily track your self employment income and expenses using this spreadsheet!

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Tax Guide
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A beginners guide to OnlyFans taxes - everyone deserves to have accessible professional finance services

  • Tax Forms
  • Expense List
  • 1040 Explanation
  • Schedule C 
  • QBI Deduction
  • Home Office Deduction
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What people are saying

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10/10 Would recommend, super professional but still approachable. I have a slightly complicated tax situation and Katherine made it super easy! She explained everything and made sure I understood the process. I didn't have to worry about any missing documents.

— Andrea M

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Katherine really did change the game when it comes to tax preparation and she provided me with top-notch service from start to finish. If you’re looking for accuracy, convenience, and real peace of mind when tax season rolls around, Katherine is your best bet!

— Steve & Katlyn

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Such a pleasure to work with and so great at what she does! An extremely safe, kind and respectful environment for all people. So grateful I found a great accountant who truly cares and gets the job done! I highly recommend having her on your team :)  

— Ariel

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Working with Katherine was absolutely amazing! She exceeded my expectations. I felt very comfortable asking questions throughout the entire process and felt heard and supported. Katherine is passionate and very knowledgeable about what she does! I wrapped up my first tax season as a full time content creator feeling confident and ready to succeed more than ever before!

— Crystal

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This was my first time filing taxes as a sole-proprietor and I was having a difficult time trying to figure out who could help me with the process. I came across one of Katherine’s TikTok’s and decided to reach out. Katherine was very professional and facilitated the tax process for me. She answered all my questions and provided me with insight in regards to what I could list as expenses. I will definitely be recommending The Only Consultant!

— Julissa

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Working with The Only Consultant was great! I was really stressed about my taxes being much more complicated this year and Katherine walked me through everything and completely took that stress away. It was simple to submit forms and they took care of everything from there and even got me a sizable refund!

— Katy

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OnlyFans Income & Expense Spreadsheet 2022


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